Dear Parent or Guardian 

Thank you for choosing Advanced College as your school of choice. 

Should there be any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school so that these may be answered.

Secondary School 071 656 9659 Primary School & ECD 071 658 2310 (Enrolement Grade RRR to RR)

Enrolement Grade R to 7

Enrolement Grade 8 to 12

The school is in 11 Jourdan Street.




Re-registration of learners must be done yearly; it is not automatic.  Should a learner’s application

not be successful, parents/guardian will be contacted and notified by sms/email.

1.    APPLICATION FORM - Please complete each section completely.  Incomplete application will not be 

considered. Application must be returned to the School within 3 days to ensure a speedy applications process.


The learner will be expected to write an admission tests in both the language of instruction and mathematics.

The secretary will call to schedule the date and time for such tests.

  1. DOCUMENTATION - Copies of the following documents are required:

ID-document (copy) of both parents/guardian, marriage certificate and/or divorce letter

Birth certificate of learner

Proof of Residence (Water & lights / telephone account)

Copy of Medical Card (Gr R – Gr 1)

2 x Passport photos of learner

Transfer Card and Newest report or Progress report

Confidential Letter of previous school

Registration Fee – R500 per learner

Sport Levy – R200 per learner

Please take note that no application can be processed without the above mentioned documentation or

should the application not be complete.   


After completion and submission of the application form with the accompanying documentation,

parents/ guardian will be contacted by the school secretary to schedule an interview with the Principal/Manager. 

The interview, with the information in your application form and admissions

tests will determine if your child will be accepted to Advanced College.  Please expect a call in this regard.


The admission tests fee must be paid before testing will take place. 

A school readiness test will be done for Gr 1 and diagnostic assessment test for new applicants in other grades.

Grade 1 learners will be provisionally accepted.  The final decision will be based on the results of the School

readiness test that must be made available to the school.


You will be contacted by the secretary to inform you if your child’s application has been successful or not. 

A yearly non-refundable registration fee of R500. 00 per learner is immediately payable with acceptance. 

Should the application be unsuccessful the School Management is under no obligation to give reasons 

for the application being unapproved and no further correspondence or discussions will be entered into 

regarding the unapproved application.


School fees are paid monthly in advance, without exception.  School fees are normally increased

annually but not with more than 10%.



Textbooks and Set works – may be ordered through the school but must be paid by the parents.Sport Levy of R200 per year.Should any information be unclear with regards to the application process, please contact the office for more information.

Kind Regards




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